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What did Egypt's 1,200 years old papyrus show for the last hours before the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ?

The most important thing to know is that the subconscious always be "active". This means being vigilant day and night, regardless of what you do. The subconscious mind controls your body. You can not hear this silent internal procedure with conscious effort. You need to start dealing with your subconscious. It is vital to keep in a state of expectation only positive events and to adopt a way of thinking that is based solely on faith, justice and love. Faith and trust are the foundation of the subconscious.
Paulo Coelho, one of the most famous writers of our time, stands out for its unique vision of the world and unshakable optimism. His works inspire millions of readers around the world are encouraging people to believe in miracles and give hope for a better future. So far, the author has published more than 20 books, the most famous being "The Alchemist," which remained for a long time in the top ten best sellers.

Below are selected excerpts of the writer genius for life, love and human destiny.

There is an old saying in neuroscience that says "Neurons that vibrate at the same time linked together."

This means that the more we use certain nerve paths in our minds, the stronger becomes the circuit composing. That is why work is another old saying, "Our practice makes perfect." The more we practice a musical instrument, a language, a sleight of hand or anything similar, the stronger are the circuits in the brain that are responsible for these functions.

Scientists know this stuff for years. However, nowadays researchers discover another aspect of this truth: To learn something, even more important than the exercise is the ability to unlearn or to break old neural connections that regulate things that are not our most useful. This is called "synaptic pruning."
Thought is a force, a manifestation of energy, having a magnetic attraction ability.

Thought = Vibration

The vibrations of thought, can not be made visible, we can not taste them, smell them, to hear them or to palpation, as usual ...

Telepathy, is also a powerful thought wave is thought vibrations of others.

The light and heat, vibrations occur, a significantly lower intensity than those of Thought, but the difference lies only in the rate of vibration.
Do you feel different from all the people? Do you think that live events which have some unexplained cause or origin? One thing is certain: What you are looking for answers and you're not accidentally on this page.

Read 11 of the signs that you may be trainees Angels on Earth. Fill with power and follow your path.

The idea of our resurrection into beings belonging to a kingdom of eternity goes back to the beginnings of human existence. From the beginning of our existence on Earth we believed that life here and life after death are maintained as a single, unified set of one divine intelligence. Feelings are manifested through the memories of many people whom moved back to the Stone Age. Since then and for centuries, we thought the world of souls rather as a different state of consciousness than as an abstract location.

Life after death was considered just an extension of our physical life. I believe that the world returns to these ideas, which are highly expressed by Spinoza, who said: "The whole universe is a single substance of which we are part. God is not an external event, but all there is. "

Seeing then some numbers, a message, is the way the Universe, communicate with you through a code ...

Just have to learn, the code.

It is the second time that I deal with the issue, therefore, that every day someone will get in touch with me to ask for my information, an own number, after the publication of the article on, with the sequences of number.

I thought, that this awareness journey is lonely and for a few, but that happens to so many people out there, and every day is something that surpassed the limits of my imagination.
Now, research scientists claim to have found evidence which might prove this hypothesis.

A group of theoretical physicists at the University of Southampton, with the study of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), the radiation that is left over from the Big Bang, believes he has found signs that our universe is nothing more than an illusion!

Essentially, the information composing what we perceive as reality, is "stored" in a surface of two-dimensional (2D), including the time.
Αυτό που συνήθως συμβαίνει είναι ότι όταν προσεγγίζουμε το σημείο της μετάπτωσης όπου η αλλαγή αυτή πραγματοποιείται, όλα αρχίζουν να καταστρέφονται - όλες τις κοινωνικές δομές, κλπ αρχίζουν να διαλύονται και να σπάζουν. Το κλειδί που δημιουργεί αυτό, είναι το μαγνητικό πεδίο της γης. Αυτό που  η σημερινή επιστήμη αντιλαμβάνεται, μπορεί επίσης να είναι το κλειδί που επιτρέπει στον άξονα να μετατοπιστεί στην πρώτη θέση μέσω της μαγνητο-υδροδυναμικής. Το μαγνητικό πεδίο υποστηρίζει μια σύνδεση που η υγρή μορφή της σύνθεσης της γης να γίνει στερεή. Όταν το πεδίο καταρρέει, μερικά στερεά γίνονται υγρά και ολισθηρά. Το έχουν αποδείξει σε εργαστήρια. Το μαγνητικό πεδίο και το ηλεκτρομαγνητικό πεδίο είναι το κλειδί. 

Το ντοκιμαντέρ παρουσιάζει δωρεάν για όλους να δείτε θέματα όπως η υγεία, το διάστημα, τη φύση, τον πόλεμο, την επιστήμη, την πνευματικότητα, τη φώτιση, το διαλογισμό, τη θρησκεία και τις νέες πραγματικότητες, όπως UFOs, εξωγηινες επικοινωνιες και πολλα αλλα. Αυτα παρουσιαζοντε από το βραβευμένα κινηματογραφικα ντοκιμαντέρ, όπως το BBC, το National Geographic Channel και το History Channel. Παρακαλούμε, δείτε, μοιραστείτε και μάθετε για τον κόσμο στον οποίο ζούμε!

Όλο το υλικό που χρησιμοποιείται γίνεται είτε με τη ρητή άδεια του αρχικού ιδιοκτήτη, ή είναι κοινό κτήμα σύμφωνα με τους κανόνες της θεμιτής χρήσης. Παρουσιάζουμε το εν λόγω υλικό που διατίθεται για σκοπούς κριτικής η σχόλιων, αλλά και για ειδήσεις. Οποιοδήποτε τέτοιο υλικό με πνευματικά δικαιώματα, όπως προβλέπεται στο τμήμα 107 του νόμου περί πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας των ΗΠΑ. Ανεξάρτητα από τις διατάξεις των άρθρων 106 και 106Α, η δίκαιη χρήση ενός προστατευόμενου έργου για σκοπούς όπως η άσκηση κριτικής, σχόλια, κριτική και μετάδοση ειδήσεων δεν αποτελεί παραβίαση των πνευματικών δικαιωμάτων.

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