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Prisoners Giants in the bowels of the Earth is ready to wake up
The Giants are in a suspension  movement according to the informant claimed to be ready to wake up.
Over a century ago, a secret society discovered a cave hidden deep beneath the Earth's surface. In the cave were found several ancient giants alive, but in movement sleep.

We may have the impression that we know the truth about the ancient history of the Earth, but not so. Hiding something much bigger.

The informant Corey Goode claims to have spent 20 years working in secret space programs in both buried governmental enterprises. During this period, we saw a multitude of very strange events and visit places you never before knew existed.
Αναζωογόνηση με παλμους ( binaural beats )

Η σημασία του ύπνου στη ζωή μας είναι πραγματικά αναμφισβήτητη. Χρησιμεύει ως η υπέρτατη μορφή της ανάπαυσης ή χαλάρωσης που μπορεί κανείς να πάρει.
INCREDIBLE Real Time travelers
Al Bielek discusses what he remembers of the six weeks he lived in the year 2137 ... and two years passed in 2749. One thing I want to emphasize is that many of the described events that have happened, are happening now in our present ...

The effort of the New World Order for sovereignty and catastrophic climate change to name a few.

The Project Montauk was a series of US government projects secrets held in Camp Hero or the base of the Air Force of Montauk, on Long Island for the purpose of development of psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including travel time.
An exciting discovery resulted from the Martian surface, resembling strongly with an artificial device. The image is from the rover of NASA, and shows a damaged spacecraft.

Some interesting images of a mysterious artifact found in the dusty ground.I differentiation from the rocky ground is clearly seen, this strange object has some really interesting features that lead to the assumption of an artificially designed spacecraft.

Alien spacecraft on Mars - New data shows the cover-ups of NASA [Video]
A closer analysis, the middle part shows a smooth circle. The strange object seems to be of metal, which is covered by a thick layer of rust. The upper and lower parts are also circular, curious design, showing not be done from a natural phenomenon of the Red Planet.

Even if NASA is refusing to admit that intelligent beings other than humans, present on the surface of Mars, is strong evidence reveals extraterrestrial presence on the Red Planet and Earth tend to come.

Unfortunately even with the disclosure of information, the majority of people reject the truth and will consider antics, why so have learned, unless you make a formal, (such that no water when it was theory conspiracy year! Until forced to say it!)
Mystery in Ireland: Gate snap rocks - What beings hiding inside? [video]
A truly amazing event gets recorded and a tourist in Giant's Causway Ireland. It is to lose his mind, and similar mechanisms with gates that open into rocks are subject of science fiction films ... Or maybe not? ... The Giant's Causway is a region with a cluster of rocks consisting of about 40,000 basalt columns, a natural phenomenon as a result of an ancient volcanic eruption. Located in County Antrim, on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland, about three miles (4.8 km) northeast of the town of Bushmills. The "columns" that bring to mind crammed columns, seem to have terraces and lost beneath the sea, leaving the surface an amazing spectacle.
Manipulate your mind to get everything you want ( a guide that is worth to buy )

With regard to many several years, commanders possess researched along with looked for the way you could start your current human probable within the instant…Over period some of the finest intellects can see your scientific disciplines regarding ways to access one other of your thoughts that usually is going empty to be able to stimulate your current interior genius. The best part is actually, due to the fact this means that you can cease battling your own personal infinitely potent thoughts, it may be unbelievably easy. How easy?
Today starts the CERN experiment
On November 7, according to scientists at CERN, will be an experiment, but in such tremendous power although it can generate new knowledge about the existence of Multiuniverse (multiverse) and the existence of parallel worlds.

But that can create unexpected dangers according to others as it will allow the creation of "black holes" that could be completely uncontrollable self powered and become uncontrollable to the point of destroying the Earth itself!
Swiss sensory motor scientists hope to inspire a brand new generation of additional versatile, less restricting, powered  exoskeletons that improve the lives of the severely disabled and unfit.

Metal systema skeletale suits worn outside the body, delivering energy for limb movement, have become additional widespread, serving to survivors of strokes, medulla spinalis injuries, and alternative lower extremity weaknesses to steer once more.

Yet they're removed from excellent solutions. A patient's joints are often misaligned with those of the systema skeletale, therefore restricting the wearer's walking. they're conjointly sometimes large, creating rising stairs not possible, whereas the constraints of their joint mechanisms makes something apart from walking in a very line troublesome, slow, and inefficient, and in some cases unrealizable.
The annual National Book competition is a perfect moment to mirror upon the importance of reading. in keeping with acclaimed author and scholar Alberto Manguel: “We scan to grasp, or to start to grasp. we tend to cannot do however scan. Reading, nearly the maximum amount as respiratory, is our essential perform.”Reading may be a crucial apply in up to date life. Reading helps United States of America to raised ourselves by educating our minds, enriching our data, and exposing United States of America to new and various concepts and views, to not mention totally different lifestyles, worlds, and ways in which of being. This exposure to diversity and distinction, in turn, helps alter United States of America to raised perceive, not simply ourselves, however the planet around United States of America.

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